Hey everyone! I am really excited to announce to you my most recent collaboration with Duvoisin Guitars!
Duvoisin Guitars S.A. is luthier company based in Switzerland. I got to meet them in NAMM 2017 and this specific instrument, the Duvoisin Standard Bass 5 got me the right “click”.
Their innovative pickups & preamp only require a 3 volt electrical supply (via two AA batteries) and guarantee an exceptionally low residual noise .
The deluxe preamp features 3-band EQ with a parametric mid control.

In addition the patented bridge consists mainly of a diffuser, a base plate and a deck plate. Encased inside the body of the instrument, enhancing considerably its sustain.

No ball end! According to Duvoisin, the best connection between string and bridge is achieved through the removal of the ball end from the string. The remaining loop is then fastened around a tailor made bolt connected to the base plate to make sure that sound is driven the best possible way.
Thank you Gilles & Pierre for your trust!
For more info visit : Duvoisin Guitars